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At The Angel Church we value the Bible as God's Word. This means that it is written from a place of authority and is sufficient in its spiritual teaching and guidance. Because of this, reading the Bible is to be highly valued.

Before a new series through a particular part of the Bible, we often read the entirety of the relevant portion. As we are about to begin a study through Hebrews, tonight we will read through this letter together at our weekly Bible study.

Join us at 7 pm!
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“The tenth commandment, in a certain way, sums up all the others. Yet, in fact, it is different from all others. The other commandments are concerned with visible acts. The tenth commandment is concerned with inward desires. The other commandments forbid the act of sin - this commandment forbids the desire to sin.”

Come along this Sunday for the final message in our series through The Ten Commandments!

Recordings from all messages in this series will be made simultaneously available on YouTube next week.
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Tomorrow, our meetings are as normal.
Next week, our normal Bible study day will not be taking place on Tuesday, rather we will have a special time observing Good Friday together at 7 pm. Please do come along and invite others as well.
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Tomorrow we continue our journey through the 10 Commandments. We will be looking at Commandment 8 - 'Don't Steal'.

Have you stolen from someone else? Have you stolen from the government (i.e. through tax evasion, benefit fraud, or some other way)? Have you stolen from God (i.e. withholding tithes and offerings)? Does it matter? Why?

Join us at 11am
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